De Afdeling

When graphic art meets archaeology: De Afdeling offers a deviant impression of the (contemporary) past. In this first part, the air war during World War 2 is centred: Nachtjagd. What was the part of the Veluwe nature in this? What remains in the present landscape? And how were women involved in this “technological battle” on both sides of the North Sea?

De Afdeling (“The Department”) are Bob Mollema (illustrator and graphic designer) and Martijn Reinders (archaeologist). This collaboration will treat several other topics in the future. Please order via Nada Publishing or via Bob Mollema. € 15 ex delivery and € 17,95 with delivery! 24 pages on recycled paper.

Contact via “Over mijzelf”.

De Afdeling 1: Nachtjagd I

De Afdeling 2: To be announced.

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